November 7, 2017 – Prof. Allan King of the University of Guelph has spotted a genetic abnormality that causes boars to sire smaller litters.   About two per cent of male pigs carry the defect, he said, and he has developed a test to identify them from blood samples.   […]

Boar gene results in smaller litters

Nearly all the canola grown in Canada is genetically modified. This field is in Saskatchewan Credit: Nas2 Wikimedia The recent announcement that a genetically modified (GM) salmon had reached Canadian consumers was a rare leap forwards for GM foods. More than two decades after the commercialization of GM plants, this is the first GM […]

The Future of GMO Food

When I’m looking to generate more income for a dairy, the milking parlor is one of the first places I look to create cash flow. More often than not, I find facilities, cows and employees are under-utilized, leaving milk on the table you may not even realize is there. By […]

6 tips for maximizing the milk parlour

Last update: July 13, 2017 PED is a virus that causes severe dehydration and diarrhea in pigs. The virus is generally fatal in very young animals, however older animals can recover. PED is not transmitted to humans or other animals. It is also not a food safety risk. Strict biosecurity […]

PED outbreaks on the rise in Manitoba

Unthinking and ideological criticism of Canada’s system of supply management — covering regulated marketing in dairy, eggs and poultry and which matches domestic consumption with domestic supply — continues. The latest is from Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s advisory panel, whose criticism of supply management is not accurate. Generally, the critic’s line links the […]

Opinion: Scrapping supply management would be disastrous